New Product Offered by Gellner Industrial for Coating Furniture

Ottopol SF-45 is a unique polymer that cross links at room temperature. It is suitable for use as a coating on furniture. The cured film will result in solvent resistance, such as alcohol, including beer, red wine and 48% ethanol. It is also stain resistant to many juices and common liquids found in a household. These properties will develop at room temperature over a period of two weeks. Given the high density of cross linking and resistance properties the polymer will have additional applications beyond furniture.

SF-45 – Technical Data Sheet
SF-45 – Safety Data Sheet


Anionic Acrylic Emulsion

Solids   44.0 -46.0% Weight/Gallon   8.85
Appearance   Translucent Emulsion  Freeze Thaw Stability  Keep From Freezing
pH 7.5 – 8.5 MFFT  40 Degrees C
Specific Gravity  1.06165 USDA Status  none
Viscosity  100 cps max  FDA Status none