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We didn’t invent water- based polymers,
we perfected them.

Water Drop

The finest water-based acrylic polymers on the market.

Gellner Industrial, LLC is the premier manufacturer of water based acrylic resins, bringing over forty years of industry experience to our client base. With our vast product knowledge and specialized manufacturing processes, we can ensure complete product conformance and quality assurance.


Anionic, Cationic, Hydroxyl Functional Acrylic Resins

The adhesion and hardness characteristics of our water-based acrylic resins allow for bonding to a diversity of substrates and offer remarkable resistance qualities to all types of exposure.


Gravure, Screen and Flexo printing inks made from our polymers

Printing inks produced from Gellner Industrial acrylic polymers and resins will outperform conventional resins in areas of flow, hold-out, gloss and solubility.


Premier Manufacturer, Unmatched performance, superior quality

Gellner Industrial, LLC is the premier manufacturer of water based acrylic resins, bringing over forty years of industry experience to our client base

Premier Acrylic
Resin Manufacturer

Gellner Industrial, LLC is a market-driven company, committed to identifying and satisfying the unique and ever-changing needs of our customers. We stay up-to-date on new developments in all of the industries that our products serve in order to continue to meet industry needs and standards. As industries change, Gellner Industrial continues to remain at the forefront of the acrylic polymer industry.

paint buckets


Each product manufactured by Gellner Industrial is designed to offer superior quality and unmatched performance. Our expertise has enabled us to expand our products and services to a wide range of industries across the globe, such as industrial and construction coatings, consumer goods, packaging inks, and much more.


Research & Development

Gellner Industrial’s team of chemists works with our technical support staff to create the finest water-based acrylic polymers available today. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to create new innovations while continually improving and enhancing our existing products. Thanks to our exceptional team and our advanced facility, we can work with a number of different anionic, cationic, and hydroxyl-functional polymers.


Bulk Storage

The storage capacity at Gellner Industrial allows us to make our full product inventory readily available. Combined with our domestic and global distribution channels, this capability enables us to deliver your product on time–and within budget.

About Us

Since our beginnings in 1980, Gellner Industrial LLC has been a world leader in the manufacturing and production of water-based acrylic resins. Our products are unique, unmatched, and innovative, and offer the best support for our customers’ coatings, paints, and inks.

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