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Acrylic-based polymers for paints are Gellner’s specialty. As the paint market has advanced, so have our polymers. We’ve created a variety of acrylic resins that can add exceptional benefits to many different types of paint. All of our acrylic polymers are carefully developed for the best qualities, and are generally friendly to the environment as well.


Benefits of Gellner Polymers for Paints

Gellner Industrial has developed a number of polymers for various types of paints and coatings. Our polymers are suitable for interior and exterior paints, especially a number of acrylic paints. They provide superior adhesion to a range of surfaces as well, with some being especially suited to nonporous surfaces. 

Gellner acrylic resins are also suitable for several types of acrylic paints in varying viscosities. Depending on the viscosity and application of the paint you’re using, Gellner has a polymer that can improve its properties. We even have polymers for heavy-duty acrylic paints that are used in industrial settings and provide water and other environmental resistance.

Some of the acrylic resins that have specific applications for acrylic-based paints include:

  • Ottopol 25-50E: This anionic polymer converts into a low-cost solution polymer that’s perfect for pigment grinding.
  • Ottopol CS-58: This anionic acrylic polymer acts as a binder for house paints and pigment dispersion.
  • Ottopol M-49: An anionic polymer that acts as a vehicle for metallic inks and paints. This polymer has excellent stability and brilliance, as well as water resistance. 
  • Ottopol S-50: Another anionic acrylic resin for paints, with good adhesion to nonporous surfaces.

For a full list of our acrylic resins, you can visit our Product Guide or you can browse our online storefront on Knowde as well.

For your acrylic polymer needs, choose Gellner Industrial

With several decades of experience in developing acrylic resins, as well as years of leading the acrylic polymer industry, you can trust Gellner to provide you with quality products for your paints. If you have any questions, or you’d like to request more information or a sample of a product, contact us today!