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Wood Coatings

Gellner Industrial has a wide range of products with many different applications. One of those applications is wood coatings for indoor furniture. We’ve developed acrylic polymers with excellent adhesion properties, as well as environmental resistance.

For wood coatings, we’ve developed an acrylic resin, Ottopol SF-45. This unique polymer, once dried at room temperature, results in a high-density, cross-linked polymer that’s perfect for indoor furniture coatings. For coatings that require solvent resistance, this anionic acrylic polymer is the perfect addition.

Gellner Industrial offers a wide range of products and services, which you can find full lists of on our Product Guide. You can also browse our online storefront on Knowde for more information on these and other products that we’ve developed.


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Gellner Industrial brings our customers over a quarter century of experience in developing acrylic resins for applications across several industries. Whether you want to order a product sample, or still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Gellner is here to help you with your acrylic polymer needs.