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Acrylic polymers can play crucial roles in primers for interior and exterior paints. Gellner has developed several emulsion polymers that give a number of beneficial properties to paint primers. Acrylic resins can act as binders, improving the primer’s adhesion to a range of surfaces. 

Some of the polymers that Gellner Industrial has developed also form a film on the primer’s surface that protects and maintains the paints’ color. This protection can include water resistance, stain resistance, and even microbe and fungal resistance.


Gellner Acrylic Resins for Paint Primers

Acrylic resins for paints and primers are one of Gellner’s specialties. Our polymers are perfect for use on metal, wood, and plastic surfaces, sealing the paint and protecting it from indoor and outdoor environments. They are also ideal for primers that are applied to outdoor furniture, patios, and similarly exposed surfaces, protecting those surfaces and their paints from the elements. 

Gellner Industrial has developed a range of acrylic resins that are perfect for paint primers. Some of those include:

  • Ottopol KO: Our newest acrylic polymer, this resin is the latest in stain-blocking technology. With this polymer, primers can adhere even to damp or water-damaged surfaces, while preventing bleeding through the paint. It also blocks fungal growth in humid environments and tannin oils from wood.
  • Ottopol K-12T: This cationic acrylic resin for primers converts rust into black iron oxide.
  • Ottopol SF-45: This resin is suited to top coats that are applied to furniture. It can resist stains from a number of household liquids, as well as juices and alcohol. 

For a full list of our products and their attributes, you can check out our Product Guide on our website, or you can visit our online storefront on Knowde. All of the information you’ll need is there!

Any Questions?

Then don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us. Gellner Industrial is the leading manufacturer of acrylic emulsion polymers, with several decades of experience and research at our customers’ disposal. If you’re looking for the best acrylic polymers for your paint primers, then contact Gellner today.