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Markets We Serve: Building & Construction

At Gellner, we’ve developed several excellent sealants for companies in building and construction markets. We understand the importance of the durability needed for coatings used in construction, especially when it comes to water and environmental resistance. Our company has many years of industry experience in developing polymers to be used as sealants, and to be formulated into sealers, coatings, paints, and more.

Markets We Serve: Building & Construction

Acrylic Resins for Building & Construction

Building & construction is a general term that we use for a variety of applications. Our polymers impart excellent adhesion and other beneficial properties to a range of different products. Those properties include resistance to UV rays, chemicals, abrasion, water, or just general wear. Some of our products are excellent binders while our Wonderwet products can retard the drying-rate of water-based paints and inks.

Many of our products have multiple applications, some of which include:

  • Binders for house paints and pigment dispersion
  • Elastomeric roof coatings
  • Traffic paints and other external coatings
  • Concrete sealers
  • Terrazzo and masonry sealants

Check out some of the products below that are especially suited for building and construction applications.

Building & Construction Products

NameSolidspHViscosityTgAttributesData Sheets
CS-5844 - 46%8.0 - 9.0200 - 500 cps12Binder for house paints and binder for pigment dispersion.TDS | SDS
15149 - 51%7.5 - 8.5500 cps Max-25Low Tg acrylic for elastomeric roof coatings. Excellent water resistance after 4 hour ambient cure of a wet 25 mil thick film.TDS | SDS
132049 - 51%8.0 - 10.0500 cps Max32Tough, UV, chemical, abrasion & wear resistance. Tolerant
to alkali; retards efflorescence sealers for terrazzo and
masonry. Traffic paints and other exterior applications.
Wonderwet IV24.0 - 26.0%8.0 - 9.0500 - 1000 cps125Water-soluble acrylic polymer resin designed to retard the drying rate of any water paint, printing ink or adhesive. VOC-FREE.SDS
KO42 - 44%4.5 - 5.5200 - 800 cps0Styrene Acrylic Co-Polymer for the latest in stain blocking technology.TDS | SDS
145042.5 - 43.5%7.0 - 9.0500 cps Max24Good UV, chemical, abrasion & wear resistance. Good
clarity, good compatibility with polyurethane dispersions.
Wood finishes & cement sealers.
30045 - 47%8.0 - 9.040 - 500 cps5Low odor, low dirt pick-up, low foam. Cement sealer.TDS | SDS
KX-9929 - 31%5.0 - 6.0300 - 800 cps32Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Solution, crosslinks at ambient or elevated temperature for solvent resistant coating.TDS | SDS
K-67239.0 - 41.0%5.0 6-0500 - 1500 cps10Experimental Ottopol K-672 is a Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Emulsion Polymer.

For more information about all of the products that Gellner has developed, check out the full list of our acrylic resins on our Product Guide. You can also browse our polymers on our online storefront on Knowde.

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