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Industrial Coatings

Gellner Industrial is a leading global supplier of polymers for industrial coatings, sealants and primers. Our high-quality resins can provide excellent adhesion to a number of surfaces, as well as serve as binders for sealants, patching compounds, and other adhesives. 

The acrylic polymers that we develop are compatible with wood and/or metal surfaces, as well as masonry and plastics.

Why choose Gellner’s Acrylic Resins?

We know the importance of adhesion and resistance in industrial applications. These coatings are often the first line of defense against general wear and tear, as well as environmental resistance. We also develop polymers that are UV, chemical, and abrasion resistant, while still providing excellent adhesion. 

Whether it’s for primers, sealants, binders, or other coatings, Gellner has developed a number of acrylic resins that are perfect for industrial settings.

Acrylic Resins for Industrial Coatings

Some of the polymers Gellner has perfected for industrial applications are:

Ottopol 1960: Provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates as well as flash rust protection

Ottopol SF-49: Has excellent water resistance and can be formulated into a corrosion-resistant paint.

Ottopol 1450: Provides resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and general wear, and is perfect for wood finishes and cement sealers.

Ottopol SF-45: This unique acrylic resin is good for coatings that need solvent resistance.

Ottopol M-49: An excellent resin for metallic and fluorescent inks, with a minimal soft settling of the metallic powder and no tarnishing.

For a full list of our Industrial coating resins, you can check out our Knowde storefront here and browse our products and their full information. Or you can also check out the entire Product Guide on our website for a full list of our acrylic resins and their data sheets.

Any questions?

For more information, you can also visit our Contact Us page to get sample orders, or ask questions about product availability and other general information. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries. We’re here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.