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Acrylic Resins for Stain-Blocking Primers

An important characteristic of acrylic paint primers is the ability to resist and even block paints. At Gellner Industrial, we’ve developed several cationic acrylic resins that are perfect for primers that need to better block and resist stains.

The Benefits of Gellner’s Cationic Acrylic Polymers

Nearly all of the surfaces found in the world are anionic, meaning they have a negative charge. As a result, cationic polymers that are positively charged, can greatly improve a primer’s adhesion, as well as its general resistance to its environment. Our cationic acrylic resins are formulated to add stain-blocking properties to a primer or paint without the need for other additives, and some can even block stains that other polymers can’t, such as tannin oils, stains from water-based materials, and fungal growth.

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Acrylic Resins for Stain-Blocking Primers

NameSolidspHViscosityTgAttributesData Sheets
K-67242.5 - 43.5%5.0 - 6.0500 - 1,500 cps max10Experimental Ottopol K-672 is a Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Emulsion Polymer.
KO44 - 46%4.5 - 5.5200 - 800 cps0Styrene Acrylic Co-Polymer for the latest in stain blocking technology.TDS | SDS
KX-9961 - 63%5.0 - 6.0300 - 800 cps32Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Solution, crosslinks at ambient or elevated temperature for solvent resistant coating.TDS | SDS
K-12T48 - 50%4.5 - 5.5200 - 800 cps 0Cationic, 100 % acrylic emulsion for rust converting primer. Converts rust to black iron oxide, can also be used for stain blocking.TDS | SDS


For more information on our newest polymer, and the latest development in stain-blocking technology, check out our page on Ottopol KO. Ottopol KO is a styrene acrylic co-polymer and the best low-VOC acrylic emulsion for paints and primers. 

You can also browse our online storefront on Knowde to order a sample of a product, or to check out our other products. For full lists of all of our products, check out our Product Guide on our acrylic resins.

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