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Acrylic Polymers for Printing Inks

Printing inks are used extensively in packaging, marketing, labels, newspapers and magazines, and a wide range of other applications. Flexographic and Gravure inks especially need the benefits that Gellner’s polymers offer.

Acrylic Polymers and Resins for Printing Inks

Gellner has been making acrylic polymers to benefit various printing inks for decades. Printing inks produced from Gellner Industrial acrylic polymers and resins will outperform conventional resins in areas, such as flow, hold-out, gloss, and solubility. 

Our polymers can also provide benefits, such as superior adhesion, sharper image, and color richness. No matter whether they’re used in screen printing inks, flexographic inks, or gravure printing, our acrylic polymers will ensure that your products will outperform conventional resins.


Screen Printing Inks

Screen printing inks are essential to silk screen printing, which is one of the most versatile printing processes in existence today. This ink comes in many different weights and offers varying degrees of adhesion and resistance properties. 

Why is screen printing superior to other processes?

Unlike other inks, screen printing inks produce excellent results on a diversity of materials, including paper, plastics, glass, fabrics, metals, poster board, and many other substrates. When made from Gellner Industrial acrylic polymers, these inks will print sharp images without drying on the screen, due to their excellent solubility characteristics. When formulated from one of our Ottopol acrylic resins, screen printing inks are ideal for banners, t-shirts, and wallpaper.

Flexo Printing Inks

Primarily used in packaging, flexo printing inks provide a way to print economically on a variety of surfaces. This type of ink is formulated for high-speed printing in an assortment of applications, such as corrugated containers, folding cartons, paper sacks, plastic bags. Some other common products created by flexo printing are milk and beverage containers, disposable cups and containers, labels, adhesive tapes, envelopes, newspapers, and many other types of packaging found in your grocery store. 

When used in flexo printing inks, Gellner Industrial’s acrylic polymers provide superior adhesion to non-porous surfaces such as vinyl, polypropylene, metals, and glass. Our specially formulated acrylic polymers also offer notable alkali resistance, while maintaining excellent press open time for flexo printing inks.

Gravure Printing Inks

Gravure printing inks are traditionally used for high-end applications, such as magazines, newspaper supplements, catalogs, labels, cartons, and gift wrap. A gravure printing ink must print from a fine line screen, so it cannot dry while in the screen or the process will be ruined. 

Gellner’s acrylic polymers can be used to produce gravure printing inks that will not dry in the screen, even when the press encounters down time. That way, you can print various products with less hassle or worry. Our top-performing acrylic polymers can also be used to create high-quality gravure printing ink for vinyl floors and wallpaper.

Looking for acrylic polymers for printing inks?

Gellner Industrial has an online store front on Knowde with a comprehensive list of all the different products that we can offer. You can also check out the Product Guide on our website as well. If you have any questions about Gellner or the polymers that we make, contact us today.