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Niche Polymers

Gellner Industrial has developed a wide range of water-based polymers, some of which are more unique than the usual resins found on the market. These ‘niche’ polymers have excellent benefits for coatings in a number of different industries.

We’ve developed two niche polymers that have hydroxyl functionality. Both of these polymers cross-link with melamine and isocyanates. Ottopol 523 has excellent solvent resistance as well, while Ottopol 510-28 has the added benefit of salt fog resistance. 

Gellner has also developed Ottopol 502, a hard nonionic polymer that has excellent stain blocking properties, without forming a film on the surface. This particular polymer can improve the resistance properties of standard inks and coatings, and has compatibility with a wide range of resins.


Niche Polymers – Technical Data

NameSolidspHViscosityTgAttributesData Sheets
52344 - 46%6.0 - 7.0500 - 1,500 cps105Hard acrylic emulsion with Hydroxyl functionality, crosslinks with melamine and isocyanates for excellent solvent resistance.TDS | SDS
510-2827 - 29%8.0 - 9.02,000 - 4,000 cps43Flexible solution with Hydroxyl functional acrylic, crosslinks with melamine and isocyanates. Excellent salt fog resistance.TDS | SDS
50242 - 43%6.5 - 7.5200 cps Max88Hard non-film forming polymer, used to provide block resistance and maintain good resistance properties.TDS | SDS


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