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Markets We Serve

Gellner Industrial provides water-based polymers to numerous industries, such as construction coatings, packaging, printing, and consumer goods. We have over four decades of industry experience, setting the standards for how polymers should perform.

Gellner Industrial’s line of specialty resins can be utilized for a wide range of applications in the graphic arts and allied industries, as well as in applications for consumer goods, building and construction, and packaging. Formulated with a precise blend of water-based polymers, these resins provide superior results when used in both water-based coatings and printing inks. 

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Our specialty resins are optimal for water-based coating applications used in various industries, such as paints, primers, sealers, and more. Additionally, they offer excellent performance in numerous printing inks, including inkjet inks, flexographic inks, silk screen inks, engraving inks and gravure inks. Keeping with our environmentally-friendly philosophy, Gellner Industrial’s specialty resins can replace harsh chemical solvents in water-based coatings.

No matter the industry, our products offer several benefits:

  • Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including non-porous surfaces
  • Long-term corrosion protection
  • Improved flow behavior
  • Excellent resistance to water, solvents and alkali cleaners
  • Superior gloss

Acrylic Resins for a wide range of applications

Gellner Industrial has industry experience in creating resins for a range of applications in the following markets. Whether you’re looking for superior adhesion, better resistance, or improved printing qualities, we’ve developed polymers to suit your needs.No matter the industry, our products offer several benefits:


We manufacture a variety of resins and polymers that are beneficial to the industrial market, with their environmental resistance and durability.

Building & Construction

Our polymers serve as excellent sealants for Building & Construction.

Consumer Goods & Appliances

We’ve developed polymers with excellent stain resistance for a variety of applications in the consumer goods market.

Packaging & Printing

Whether you need to improve printing inks, packaging adhesives, or similar coatings, our polymers have beneficial properties for your products.

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Gellner Industrial, LLC is the leading manufacturer of water-based acrylic polymers, setting the industry standard for performance across a range of markets. If you have any questions, you’d like to request a product sample, or if you’re ready to order, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We are happy to assist you with any requests that you may have.