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Solution Polymers

Gellner Industrial is the premier manufacturer of water-based, acrylic- solution polymers, with a vast knowledge of the various industries that our products serve. Our resin solutions offer excellent gloss, flow and leveling for inks, and can serve as outstanding grinding vehicles for pigments as well.

In solution polymerization, the polymer (regardless of size, unlike in an emulsion) is dissolved into the solvent. The resulting solution can promote viscosity control and proper levels of heat transfer. Water is the most common primary solvent used in this process.

Gellner’s Solution Polymers

We’ve developed a wide variety of excellent solution polymers that impart several benefits to coatings, inks, and paints. Our polymers have exceptional adhesion properties to a variety of substrates, and some also have alkali resistance as well. A few of our solution polymers are suitable as grinding agents for inks and pigments as well.


Cationic Solution Polymers

NameSolidspHViscosityTgAttributesData Sheets
K-36229 - 31%5.0 - 6.0200 - 400 cps43Solution polymer for alkali resistance and adhesion to non-porous substrates.TDS | SDS
K-63328 - 30%5.0 - 6.0200 - 400 cps44Solution polymer for alkali resistance and adhesion to non-porous substrates, improved solubility.TDS | SDS
KX-9929 - 31%5.0 - 6.0300 - 800 cps32Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Solution, crosslinks at ambient or elevated temperature for solvent resistant coating.TDS | SDS


Anionic Solution Polymers

NameSolidspHViscosityTgAttributesData Sheets
AR-15039.0 - 41%8.0 - 9.0200 - 800 cps40The dry resin is impermeable to alkali without the use of crosslinking agents. Inks and overlay varnishes for soap boxes and household paper towels will not be affected by the high pH of the detergent cleaner used with the paper towels.
25-3029 - 31%8.0 - 9.02,000 - 4,000 cps43Ammonia cut version of 25-50E. Solution polymer with good adhesion to non- porous surfaces.TDS | SDS
M-3029 - 31%7.0 - 8.01,000 - 2,000 cps43DMEA cut version of 25-50E. Suitable for metallic & florescent inks.TDS | SDS
G-3529 - 31%8.0 - 9.0200 - 400 cps48Solution polymer with acid number of 200. Suitable as grinding vehicle and high gloss inks & varnishes.TDS | SDS


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