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Polymers for Grinding Pigments

Gellner Industrial has and continues to develop polymers for a wide range of applications. One of those applications is as a grinding vehicle for pigments that are used in water-based inks and coatings. 

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Cationic Polymers for Grinding Pigments

Gellner offers two cationic solution polymers for use as grinding vehicles for pigments:

Ottopol K-633: K-633 is a cationic acrylic resin solution that works as a grinding vehicle for both organic and inorganic pigments.

  • While it’s mainly used for pigment concentrates in printing inks and coatings, it can be formulated into a clear coating or overlay varnish as well. 
  • Its unique benefit is its alkali resistance, making it ideal for use on household items as inks and varnishes made with this polymer won’t be affected by the high pH of cleaning detergents. 
  • The cationic nature of this solution polymer also allows the inks formulated with K-633 to have exceptional adhesion to plastic films, foil, and other metallic surfaces.

Ottopol K-362: Like K-633, K-362 is a cationic solution polymer with excellent adhesion and alkaline resistance, and it’s suitable for use as a grinding vehicle for both organic and inorganic pigments. 

  • This solution polymer is excellent for use as a grinding vehicle for printing inks and coatings, but it can also be formulated into a clear coating or varnish. 
  • Because of its alkali resistance, K-362 is perfect for inks to be used on soap boxes and household paper towels. 
  • Its cationic nature allows it to have excellent adhesion to plastic films like mylar, PVC, and polystyrene, as well as foil and other metallic surfaces.

Anionic Polymers for Grinding Pigments

At Gellner, we’ve developed a series of anionic polymers, each with its own unique properties, for use as a grinding vehicle for pigments:

Ottopol G-35: This anionic polymer has unique characteristics that impart excellent flow and leveling to inks and coatings. It’s especially useful in gravure printing, allowing for a superior printing quality.

  • When used as a dispersion stabilizer, pigments can meet high industry standards with this polymer.
  • G-35 also can give pigments optimum color and high gloss as well.

Ottopol 25 Series: This series includes polymers that are designed for use as a grinding vehicle for water-based gravure and flexographic inks. It includes two products–Ottopol 25-50E, an acrylic emulsion, and Ottopol 25-30, an acrylic resin solution. 

  • This series provides inks with high gloss and press stability, and can be used alone as a binder of high-gloss inks or overlay varnishes
  • They have excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces, such as PVC, Polyester, Polystyrene, and coated cellophane. 
  • They also have unique characteristics that give inks excellent flow and leveling, improving the quality of gravure printing especially.

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