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About Gellner Industrial

Since our beginnings in 1980, Gellner Industrial LLC has been a world leader in the manufacturing and production of water-based acrylic resins. Our products are unique, unmatched, and innovative, and offer the best support for our customers’ coatings, paints, and inks.

Water Drop

A History of Scientific Innovation in Water-based Acrylic Resins

Our company and products have always been cutting-edge. Gellner Industrial’s history is deeply rooted in scientific ingenuity–and that ingenuity is family tradition as well. Otto Gellner paved the way in 1980 for Gellner Industrial to become the leader in the synthetic resin industry. 

In 1987, Otto’s son, Robert, who had worked on and off for the company during college, officially joined the team. Over the next decades, Robert Gellner would continue to develop new formulas, while overseeing the company’s expansion. Together in early 2000, the father-son duo built a new, state-of-the-art facility in Hometown, PA that continues to set the industry standard for industrial coatings and paints worldwide.

Continued Leadership in the Field of Acrylic Resins

Gellner Industrial’s continued growth is founded on our rich history of innovation, along with a focus on the needs and technology of the future. As a result, Gellner Industrial continues to be unrivaled in the manufacture of water-based polymers. Led by the world’s best chemists and researchers, Gellner continues to pave the way in research and development of anionic, cationic, and hydroxyl-functional water-based polymers.

Our line of specialty resins are formulated with a precise blend of water-based polymers. Together, our products offer uncompromised benefits and quality to our client’s products, enhancing their adhesion and gloss, as well as improving stain-blocking properties. We are relied upon by thousands of clients around the globe, from various industries and applications. Whether it’s for industrial or construction applications, indoor/outdoor paints, flexographic and gravure inks, or many other applications, our polymers can improve the quality of your products.

Ready to Get Started?

You can connect with Gellner today through our website to ask any questions that you may have or start to place your order. We have also recently partnered with Knowde to create an online, easy-to-use storefront for your perusal. Check out the link below to contact Gellner today.