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Markets We Serve: Consumer Goods & Appliances

Our polymers have a wide range of applications, some of which are especially beneficial for coatings in the market of consumer goods and appliances. Whether you need polymers to improve paints or inks, or to assist furniture coatings and more, we’ve got you covered. Our water-based acrylic resins have excellent adhesions properties, and can impart stain resistance as well as several other useful characteristics to products made with them.


Acrylic Resins for Consumer Applications

We are always looking for ways to improve our polymers and develop resins that are beneficial for a range of applications. One of the major markets that we have served for many years has been water-based polymers for acrylics and vinyl applications. We manufacture polymers that impart stain-blocking properties to paints while still having superior adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Some can assist primers, while others are good sealers for wooden surfaces like furniture. 

Our products can impart many different beneficial properties to products for consumer applications:

  • Superior adhesion to porous and nonporous surfaces
  • Stain resistance, and in some cases, stain-blocking properties
  • Water resistance, as well as resistance to water-based stains
  • High performance sealants
  • Excellent pigment binding for inks and acrylic paints

We’ve also recently developed a new product, Ottopol KO, which easily blocks tannin oils from woods as well as fungal growth, even in damp and humid environments.

Our acrylic resins have many applications in the market of Consumer Goods and Appliances:

  • Paints and coatings
  • Wood finishes
  • Sealers
  • Stain-blocking primers
  • Furniture coatings

Check out some of our acrylic resins below.

Acrylic Resins

NameSolidspHViscosityTgAttributesData Sheets
AR-15039.0 - 41.0%8.0 - 9.0200 - 800 cps40The dry resin is impermeable to alkali without the use of crosslinking agents. Inks and overlay varnishes for soap boxes and household paper towels will not be affected by the high pH of the detergent cleaner used with the paper towels.
G-3529 - 31%8.0 - 9.0200 - 400 cps48Solution polymer with acid number of 200. Suitable as grinding vehicle and high gloss inks & varnishes.TDS | SDS
SF-4544 - 46%7.5 - 8.5100 cps max45Unique acrylic polymer that results in a high density cross linked polymer upon drying at room temperature. Many Coatings can be derived from this polymer where solvent resistance is required.TDS | SDS
CS-5844 - 46%8.0 - 9.0200 - 500 cps12Binder for house paints and binder for pigment dispersion.TDS | SDS
KX-9929 - 31%5.0 - 6.0300 - 800 cps max32Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Solution, crosslinks at ambient or elevated temperature for solvent resistant coating.TDS | SDS
KO42 - 44%4.5 - 5.5200 - 800 cps max0Styrene Acrylic Co-Polymer for the latest in stain blocking technology.TDS | SDS
132049 - 51%8.0 - 10.0500 cps max18Tough, UV, chemical, abrasion & wear resistance. Tolerant
to alkali; retards efflorescence sealers for terrazzo and
masonry. Traffic paints and other exterior applications.
145042.5 - 43.5%7.0 - 9.0500 cps max24Good UV, chemical, abrasion & wear resistance. Good
clarity, good compatibility with polyurethane dispersions.
Wood finishes & cement sealers.

For more information about all of the products that Gellner has developed, check out the full list of our acrylic resins on our Product Guide. You can also browse our polymers on our online storefront on Knowde.

Still Have Questions?

For a full list of all the acrylic resins that Gellner manufactures, you can visit our Product Guide, or you can browse our online storefront on Knowde. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have.