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Concrete Coatings

Another valuable application of Gellner’s acrylic resins is use in concrete coatings. We manufacture a few polymers that act as excellent sealers for concrete. 

Our styrene acrylic concrete sealers are single-component and quick drying that are ideal for sealing concrete, as well as sealing over concrete. They offer chemical resistance properties as well as corrosion resistance.

concrete sealers

Gellner Acrylic Resins for Concrete Coatings

Gellner has two resins that can function as concrete sealers, and one that functions as a top coat for concrete.

Ottopol 1450: this modified anionic acrylic resin can provide abrasion and wear resistance, as well as UV, chemical, and blush resistance to concrete sealers. Its properties are outstanding as a cement sealer on its own, though it can also be blended with urethane dispersions as well.

Ottopol 1320: Another anionic acrylic emulsion with excellent chemical, abrasion, and wear resistance, this resin does not turn white or blush when immersed in water for extensive amounts of time. It’s also an excellent binder in many exterior applications as well as a sealant for concrete.

Ottopol KX-99: Cationic acrylic solution polymer top coating. This is a 2K system, exhibiting solvent resistance and excellent mar resistance. The finished coating also has excellent gloss.

For more detailed information on these and the other products that we’ve developed, you can browse our online storefront on Knowde. You can also visit the Product Guide on our website for more information on all of our acrylic resins and available products.

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