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Vinyl Acrylic Applications

Gellner Industrial, LLC. has been making beneficial acrylic polymers for vinyl coatings for several decades. Our experience in this industry has made us a leader in setting the standard for polymers used in vinyl applications.

The Importance of Vinyl Coatings in Everyday Life

You can find vinyl coatings almost everywhere you look. They’re on electric cables, allowing the wires to better withstand moisture and other environmental conditions. You can also find them on various containers and bottles for household products, as well as flooring for bathrooms and other rooms where moisture may be a problem. Vinyl also makes up a big part of anything in PVC–seeing how the ‘V’ in PVC basically stands for vinyl.


Polymers for Vinyl Applications

Coatings for vinyl products must be durable and long lasting. That’s why Gellner’s acrylic polymers are so important. Our polymers can give these coatings the durable, high-performance qualities that they require. 

Gellner Industrial acrylic polymers offer a unique combination of hardness along with superior stain and chemical resistance. We supply products that provide exceptional results when superior adhesion to vinyl is necessary. 

Our products meet the high alkali-resistance required of floor wall coating applications. Additionally, they also produce high-quality inks that work well with a variety of vinyl substrates, while still providing the same necessary benefits of resistance.

The benefits of Gellner Industrial’s polymers

In high-performance coatings and inks, our acrylic polymers provide:

  • Superior adhesion to vinyl
  • Low moisture transmission rate
  • Resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Excellent abrasion properties
  • Stain resistance
  • Corrosion resistance

High Performance Inks

Our polymers can be used to produce inks for vinyl substrates, such as wallpaper or flooring. In addition to being impervious to plasticizer migration, inks produced with our polymers are fast-drying and highly flexible.


Wall Coatings

Wall coatings and other high-performance coatings produced from our specially formulated acrylic polymers offer excellent adhesion, abrasion, and environmental resistance.


Floor Coatings

Floor coatings require a much higher abrasion resistance than wall coatings. Our acrylic polymers result in premium floor coatings that stand up to heavy traffic and high impact better than other high-performance coatings on the market.

Why choose Gellner Industrial?

The demands of a high-performance coating on vinyl can be quite stringent. Through years of research and development, Gellner Industrial has developed polymers that produce the finest coatings and inks available today. By continuing to provide outstanding customer service and manufacturing resources, we remain an industry benchmark.

Contact Us today to learn more about the benefits of our products, or check out our Product Guide for a more complete list of the polymers we offer. You can also shop at our storefront on Knowde if you’re ready to order now!