Synthetic Resins

Synthetic resins are similar to natural resins in many ways, but they are considered vastly superior. Since they offer greater durability, uniformity, clarity, flexibility and resistance to chemical change, synthetic resins are ideal for use in a variety of specialty coatings.

Liquid Resins

Gellner Industrial manufactures water-based liquid resins and synthetic resins that can be used to produce inks, topcoats and primers for numerous industries, including graphic arts, architectural, engineering, electronics, automotive and military. Our cationic and anionic water-based synthetic resins provide the adhesion, alkali resistance and solvent resistance that are sought after in technologically advanced applications.

Water-based liquid resins are a key ingredient in specialty coatings, inks and paints. These resins can be formulated into a durable coating that provides the characteristics and performance attributes of the finished surface. Some benefits of coatings produced with liquid resins include improved adhesion, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

Synthetic Resins

Synthetic resins required pigments to be grinded, which provides excellent transparency and pigment wetting. The pigment concentrate must be let down with a synthetic resin that will provide the finished ink or coating attributes. These attributes may require a synthetic resin to have water resistance, alkali resistance and solvent resistance, as well as adhesion to the designated substrate.

Gellner Resins: Ideal for Specialty Coatings

A specialty coating formulated with a Gellner Industrial synthetic resin will provide exceptional quality and strength. It will also demonstrate outstanding adhesion to plastic films, metals, wood and glass. Our company leverages over a quarter century of industry experience, product knowledge and innovative manufacturing expertise to provide the highest performing synthetic resins and liquid resins on the market today.