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Gellner Industrial’s products have a wide variety of applications and uses. Formulated with a precise blend of water-based polymers, our resins provide superior results in areas such as adhesion, gloss, and more no matter where they are used. Click through the links below to discover the many applications of our acrylic resins.

paint buckets


For high-performance vinyl coatings, choose the durable properties of Gellner’s acrylic polymers.

Printing Inks

Printing inks produced from our resins outperform conventional inks in flow, hold-out, gloss, and solubility.

Concrete Coatings

Gellner has developed polymers for use as concrete sealers.

Industrial Coatings

Gellner Industrial is a leading supplier of acrylic resins for industrial coatings, sealings, and primers.


Our acrylic resins provide a number of beneficial properties to paint primers.


We’ve developed a number of acrylic resins that give exceptional benefits to a variety of indoor and outdoor paints.

Wood Coatings

We offer a couple of excellent products that are perfect for indoor furniture.

Direct to Metal Paint

Gellner provides the starting formulas for DTM paint with salt-spray resistance as well as excellent adhesion.

Polymers for Grinding Pigment

We’ve developed a number of polymers that serve as vehicles for pigment grinding.


Gellner Industrial’s experienced Research & Development team is working continuously to improve the water-based polymers that make up our specialty resins. No cost has been spared to produce the most effective product line available. Working in tandem with print and ink manufacturers as well as other niche-oriented markets, our company remains steadfast in our commitment to meet and fulfill a diverse range of customer needs.

For a full list of our products, you can visit our Product Guide for any information, data sheets, and more. Or you can browse our online storefront on Knowde to easily put in a request for a sample or an order.

Ready to get started?

Gellner Industrial brings our customers over a quarter century of experience in developing acrylic resins for applications across several industries. Whether you want to order a product sample, or still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Gellner is here to help you with your acrylic polymer needs.