Wonderwet IV and Wonderwet KE and Their Different Performance Properties in the Paint and Coatings Industry

Gellner Industrial, LLC in association with Morgan Polymer Associates, LLC shares the resources to manufacture the Wonderwet IV and Wonderwet KE products. The products have similar names, but possess different performance properties when used in paints and coatings.

Wonderwet IV & Wonderwet KE

Wonderwet IV is a zero VOC water based acrylic solution polymer that can be used as an additive in paints, coatings, or stains to improve open time and workability. It is designed to retard the drying rate of any water based paint; coating, printing ink or adhesive and it will improve the flow, leveling, and appearance of a given paint.

The properties that set Wonderwet IV apart from similar products in the Paint and Coatings industry are the following. Wonderwet IV is a zero VOC water based acrylic solution polymer that gives a better open time which slows down the drying speed. This allows paints, coatings, and stains to flow out more (wet edge). For example; when a wall is being painted with a roller the roller leaves a heavier line of paint and as the paint dries the paint flows out. Wonderwet IV is particularly effective in improving the wet edge or open-time of low- and zero-VOC, gloss, semi-gloss and flat paints and coatings when the amount of propylene-glycol and other solvents have been eliminated, reduced, or replaced. Replacing propylene-glycol with Wonderwet IV, that has a zero VOC, the paint still has the wet edge properties.

Wonderwet IV differs from other competitive products in the industry because competitor’s products are very soluble and detract greatly from the paints ability to have scrub resistance from household cleaners. In regard to coatings; whatever the coatings specifications are competitors products would take away from its performance or resistance properties. Even though Wonderwet IV is a solution polymer and is water-soluble once dried it is resistant to household cleaners and solvents. It also stands up well while still allowing the open time property.

Wonderwet KE is a stain blocking cationic acrylic emulsion. What is unique about the product is that it blocks tannin oils from migrating to the surface and preventing unsightly stains from being present on the surface. Previously a solvent based system worked excellent in this regard because water is what activated the tannins oils and made them migrate to the surface. Wonderwet KE blocks these oils and when the topcoat of the paint is applied no tan, yellow, or brown stains come through and don’t discolor the architectural paint.

Wonderwet KE has the advantage against the competition because it has a lower odor and performs better when compared to competitor’s products in the industry as far as stain blocking tannin oils.

Water soluble compounds found in species of trees are rich with a chromophoric compound known as tannin. Tannin rich woods may bleed through waterborne coatings that are applied to wood which leaves a yellow, tan, or brown discoloration on the coating. Acrylic and oil alkyd emulsion based coatings have their limitations when trying to adhere and dry to the wood. The deactivation of siccatives as well the water solubility by tannin and similar compounds found in wood create the limitations.

The amount and the composition of tannin in wood are not uniform. The species of the tree and region that it was grown in will designate the amount of penta-metadigalloylglucoside that is contained in the wood. Penta-meta-digalloylglucoside is a derivative of gallic acid, a colorless solution that turns brown when it comes in contact with air.

Tannin stains have more of a tendency to appear in wood from certain tree types such as redwood, cedar, mahogany, fir and an assortment of pine. Tannin stains are much more noticeable in living trees as opposed to those harvested for lumber.

When ordinary or so called water borne stain blocking primers solubilize the tannin, they migrate to the surface and cause yellow, tan, or brown stains. Wonderwet KE forms a resistant barrier to water soluble tannins and prevents topcoats from staining and retarded drying. Our research chemists have discovered a polymer backbone that is stain resistant to tannin and nicotine stains. It forms an impenetrable barrier coating that out performs all other attempts of solving the bleeding of stains. A compliant, 21 grams/liter VOC primer can be formulated with Wonderwet KE.