Here at Gellner Industrial, we offer a wide range of products to help you with all your vinyl application and printing ink needs. Additionally, Gellner Industrial, LLC is the premier manufacturer of water based acrylic polymers. One of our most popular lines of products is WonderWet. In this blog post, Gellner Industrial dives into the products WonderWet offers, describing them to you and telling you more about their uses and amazing qualities.

Water-Based Acrylic Polymer Manufacturer

WonderWet IV is a water-soluble acrylic polymer resin designed to retard the drying rate of any water paint, printing ink or adhesive. WonderWet products fall under the conglomerate of Morgan Polymer Associates, which works in association with Gellner Industrial. Morgan Polymer Associates LLC (MPA) was founded by Don Dobrenski. They offer sales, marketing and technical assistance to the paint and allied industries for over 50 years. During this time, they have been involved in all facets of the paint industry, including manufacturing, laboratory development and plant construction. MPA, LLC is particularly known for a broad knowledge base of various emulsion polymers used in the architectural paints and construction sectors.

VOC-Free Acrylic Solution Polymer

We offer (via MPA) two different, equally useful WonderWet products. WonderWet IV is a VOC free 100% acrylic solution polymer additive for paints. This product enables the user to eliminate ethylene and propylene glycol from existing paint formulations. The paint chemist can now formulate low or zero VOC paints with WonderWet IV without sacrificing open time. WonderWet IV replaces glycols in almost every criteria, to produce compliant paints without lacking in performance. WonderWet IV is particularly effective in improving the wet edge or open-time of Low- and Zero-VOC flat and non-flat paints and coatings when water-based acrylic polymer manufacturerglycols and other solvents have been replaced or reduced. WonderWet IV will improve the flow, leveling and appearance of a given paint. Furthermore, WonderWet IV film-forms at room temperatures and will improve the gloss and leveling appearance of a given paint. WonderWet IV is an acrylic resin with excellent exterior ultraviolet ray resistance. WonderWet IV can also be used to improve penetration when used as an additive for water-based stains. WonderWet IV can be used at levels of 10-50 lbs. per 100 gallons of paint in the let-down portion of the manufacturing procedure.

Cationic Acrylic Emulsion Polymer

MPA also carries WonderWet KE, a cationic acrylic emulsion polymer that has tannin stain blocking properties. This water based emulsion is capable of blocking tannin stains at a level of performance only seen by solvent systems in the past. WonderWet KE forms a resistant barrier to water soluble tannins and prevents topcoats from staining and retarded drying. MPA’s research chemists have discovered a polymer backbone that is resistant to tannin and nicotine stains. It forms an impenetrable barrier that out performs all other attempts of solving the bleeding of stains. A compliant, 21 grams/liter VOC primer can be formulated with WonderWet KE.

Premier Water-Based Acrylic Polymers

Gellner is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of water-based acrylic polymers. With over twenty-five years of industry experience and knowledge, we use our specialized manufacturing processes to ensure complete customer satisfaction and quality assurance. The needs for our customers change constantly, which is why we develop new and more suitable products on a timely basis. Contact us at (57) 668-8800 to learn more about WonderWet or our water-based acrylic polymers.