There are many products in our daily lives that each requires a specific chemical make-up in order to function properly. Take printing inks for example. Here at Gellner Industrial, we are proud to offer versatile polymers for screen printing inks with unique capabilities. And each ability is a direct result of their chemical make-up. Here are just a few ways in which our chemical process contributes to the overall efficiency of your specific type of printing ink.


Screen Printing

When it comes to silk screen printing, our acrylic polymers allow for the best possible results. Silk screen printing has always been a delicate art that requires the right chemical composition. Back in the day, inks would often not transfer perfectly. This made the printing process tiresome and repetitive. But today, we have plenty of easier-to-use inks that are both adhesive and reliable for the right surface. You can find out more about the capabilities of our polymers for printing inks here.


Flexo Printing

Flexography lends itself to a broader spectrum of surfaces, from relatively hard to soft. Due to the single pass process, the Flexo printing inks are made to be both fast acting and protected once attached to the item. We make our polymers with reliable resistance in mind since the ink needs to be diverse enough for all of the various items it is set upon.


Gravure Printing

Speaking of reliability, acrylic polymers/resins need to be the most reliable when it comes to gravure printing. This process is done not only for wallpapers and vinyl floors but also for chic products such as magazines and catalogs. This process requires that the acrylic polymers be composed of the right ingredients to be able to pop out like an engraving. This is not only a responsibility for maintaining a technically consistent image, but also for the classy tone that brings the image to life. That is why our acrylic polymers for screen printing inks are made with finish, gloss, and clarity in mind.


We are only scratching the surface of the potential of our printing inks. For more information on our polymers for screen printing inks and other applications, be sure to contact Gellner Industrial today.