Depending on what you know about coatings, you may have heard the term “polymer” before. You might be familiar with the term from class in school. However, even if you did get A’s in chemistry class, you might be curious as to our specific type of polymer coatings, and what they can do to benefit you.

What is a Polymer Coating?

A polymer coating is a paint or coating that is made with polymers. A polymer is a substance that contains a molecular structure that mainly contains a large number of similar units. This includes synthetic organic materials such as resins and plastics.

Why does it help?

The polymer coatings greatly benefit your office and/or home materials. The reason why is because they provide your materials wonderful protection from corrosion. It is essentially a paint that shields the material from harmful conditions. Any of the polymeric coatings made for corrosion protection are typically tough. This allows them to be applied to heavy films. They should never degrade due to heat, chemicals, moisture or salt.

Various types of acrylic polymers:

We at Gellner Industrial provide water-based acrylic polymers, which help with objects that need to withstand water exposure. These acrylic polymers have to be tough under varying conditions. That is why we offer various types of water-based acrylic polymers. We offer Anionic Acrylic Polymers, Cationic Acrylic Polymers, Hydroxyl Functional Acrylic Polymers, and Non-Ionic Acrylic Polymers. We currently offer 16 types of Anionic Acrylic Polymers, 9 types of Cationic Acrylic Polymers, 3 types of Hydroxyl Functional Acrylic Polymers, and 1 type of Non-Ionic Acrylic Polymer.



Our acrylic polymers are profoundly flexible in applications. Some of the main applications that our polymers provide are superior adhesion to vinyl, low moisture transmission rate, resistance to acids and alkalis, strong abrasion properties, stain resistance, and of course corrosion resistance. As alluded to earlier, our water-based acrylic polymers can also be used for manufacturing acrylic chemicals and resins.


The Acrylic polymers can be used to make inks for vinyl substrates (i.e. flooring, wallpaper). They are fast drying and flexible.

Wall coatings

They can also be used for producing wall coatings. The coatings stand firm against any adhesion, abrasion, and environmental resistance.

Floor Coatings

The floor requires more abrasion resistance than the wall coatings. The reason for this is generally because people tend to walk on the floor more than the wall. Our floor coatings hold up against consistent abrasion. The level of consistency is just one part of what makes Gellner’s polymer coatings so strong.

For your service

We do not stop at just a general application. We want your materials and tools to be protected no matter what. When rain, sleet, snow, chemicals, and accidents happen, a highly resistant, acrylic polymer will certainly protect your industrial materials. For more information on our products and services, please feel free to contact us here.