The summer season means a lot of things to a lot of people and industries: warmer weather, barbeques, outdoor events, and for a variety of industries, outdoor painting projects. With the longer days and higher temperatures, most facilities choose the summer months to tackle their painting, which means paint manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors are busier than ever.

This also means that they need to make and choose the bestWonderWet IV paint products—those that are high-quality, efficient, compliant, and made to last. At Gellner, we’ve created the WONDERWET™ IV paint additive to meet these needs, allowing paint manufacturers to produce the best paint possible.

WONDERWET IV is a VOC free 100% acrylic solution polymer additive that allows the user to completely eliminate ethylene and propylene glycol from existing paint formulations without sacrificing open-time. This additive replaces glycols, producing compliant paints that still provide the best performance.

Designed to retard the drying rate of a water paint, WONDERWET IV is especially effective at improving the wet edge or open-time of low- and zero-VOC flat and non-flat paints, improving flow, leveling, and appearance in the process.

While improving gloss and appearance of any paint, the product delivers excellent exterior ultraviolet ray resistance, and also improves penetration when used as an additive for water-based stains.

When using this unique water-soluble resin, you’re completely eliminating VOCs—staying completely compliant and safe—while improving your paint’s performance and appearance and effectively offering the highest quality. It’s a win/win.

While the season for outdoor painting is in full swing, why not ensure your customers are getting the best paint experience available?