It’s no secret that Gellner Industrial has a wide variety of acrylic polymer products for an abundance of polymer applications, like ink or vinyl. However, we are always coming up with new products to help best fit you- or your company’s polymer needs. We have a large selection of a variety of polymers, including anionic acrylic polymers, cationic acrylic polymers, hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers, and non-ionic acrylic polymers. We also have a variety of Wonderwet Products, which entail polymer additives for paints. But that’s just barely scratching the surface- within our different types of polymer products, there is an abundance of unique wares. Without further ado, here are some of the products and characteristics within our different types of polymer applications.

Anionic Acrylic Polymers

Gellner Industrial has a large variety of anionic acrylic polymers. Some of these include: 25-50E, which converts into low cost solution polymer for pigment grinding and high gloss flexo and gravure inks, C5-58, which is used as a binder for house paints and binder for pigment dispersion, M-49, which is used for metallic ink or paint vehicle and has exceptional stability and brilliance with metallic pigments, and S-50, an emulsion polymer with good adhesion to non­porous surfaces. But those aren’t all- we have a wide list of anionic acrylic polymers available on our website.

Cationic Acrylic Polymers

Gellner Industrial also has plenty of cationic acrylic polymers. One example is K-21-30, a solution polymer for alkali resistance and adhesion to non-porous substrates. Similarly, we offer K-63, a solution polymer for alkali resistance and adhesion to non-porous substrates which boasts improved solubility. KX-99 is another cationic acrylic polymer offered by Gellner, it is used in a Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Solution and crosslinks at ambient or elevated temperature for solvent resistant coating.

Hydroxyl Functional Acrylic Polymers

Hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers are also among the acrylic polymers that Gellner Industrial offers. Some examples of these include: 523, a hard acrylic emulsion with Hydroxyl functionality and epoxy resins for excellent solvent resistance and 510-28, which is a flexible solution that has excellent salt fog resistance.

Non-Ionic Acrylic Polymers

Gellner Industrial only offers one non-ionic acrylic polymer, but it’s sure to get the job done. 502 is a hard non-film forming polymer, used to provide block resistance and maintain good resistance properties.

WonderWet Products

Another product offered by Gellner Industrial is WonderWet IV, a VOC free 100% acrylic solution polymer additive for paints. This product lets the user eliminate ethylene and propylene glycol from existing paint formulations. WonderWet IV replaces glycols in almost every criteria, to produce compliant paints that don’t compromise performance.

If you are looking for acrylic polymer products or WonderWet products alike, look no further than Gellner Industrial. Gellner Industrial is the industry standard for acrylic polymers- our acrylic polymers will add performance and competency to any polymer application you could think of.