In previous blog posts, we’ve so far covered anionic and cationic polymerization, as well as the benefits of polymers developed through these processes. In this article, we’re going to go over crosslinking resins and polymers.

What is crosslinking?

Crosslinking at its most basic is just the linking of two different polymer chains through a chemical reaction. Some polymers can crosslink on their own–which is referred to as self crosslinking–while others require an extra additive in order to undergo the chemical reaction.

Crosslinking polymers can influence and improve their characteristics, as well as the properties that they give to the products they eventually become. Some of these properties include:

  • Stain-blocking/resistance
  • Ink flow properties
  • Coating toughness
  • Environmental resistance
  • Abrasion resistance

When polymer chains crosslink, their density increases, creating a network of chains that is difficult for water or chemicals to pass through the polymer and to the surface. This causes them to provide coatings with better stain resistance, and inks with better flow.

Gellner’s self-crosslinking polymers

At Gellner Industrial, we’ve developed several self-crosslinking polymers, each with a range of applications in the coatings and inks industries. 

Ottopol SF-45: This unique acrylic polymer is a self-crosslinking emulsion that results in a high-density crosslinked polymer when dried at room temperature. This polymer is perfect for coatings that require solvent resistance, such as coatings for wood or wooden furniture. SF-45 has been tested against a wide range of substances, which you can read the full list of on the TDS.

Ottopol SF-49: SF-49 is a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion with outstanding water resistance. Its dry film won’t blush even after prolonged exposure to water, making it ideal for applications in damp or humid environments. Due to its nature as a crosslinking polymer, SF-49 can also be formulated into a corrosion resistant primer, or even a semi-gloss paint. 

Ottopol SX-30: This self-crosslinking resin has exceptional adhesion to many types of plastic films, as well as foil and other metallic surfaces. Because of its internal cross-linking mechanism, SX-30 is resistant to alkali, making it perfect for inks that need to resist chemicals with high pH levels. It also improves the flow and leveling of flexographic and gravure inks. This system needs to reach 200 degrees F to crosslink.

Ottopol SX-50: THe SX-50 also imparts excellent adhesion to plastic films and metallic surfaces. This polymer also has an internal crosslinking mechanism that allows it to be exceptionally resistant to alkali products, as well as solvents such as diluted alcohol solutions. SX-50 also improves a coating’s resistance to scuffing, and imparts a number of useful properties to flexo and gravure inks. This system needs to reach 200 degrees F to crosslink.

Ottopol SX-75: Like the other resins in the SX series, SX-75 is a self-crosslinking resin with exceptional resistance to alkali. This polymer is also resistant to solvents like diluted alcohol solutions, as well as improved block resistance and scuff. SX-75 has exceptionally good adhesion to vinyl and other non-porous substrates as well. This system needs to reach 200 degrees F to crosslink.

Ottopol SX-100: SX-100 is a non-film forming emulsion that’s perfect for flexographic and gravure printing applications. Like other resins in the SX series, it has great resistance to alkali, thanks to its ability to self-crosslink, and won’t be affected by the high pH of products like detergents and household cleaners. Also, SX-100 has exceptional adhesion to vinyl and other non-porous substrates. This system needs to reach 200 degrees F to crosslink.

Looking for a manufacturer of water-based resins and polymers?

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