Rust Converting Primer with Ottopol K-12

primerRust converting primer with Ottopol K-12 when applied to a rusty surface involves a chemical reaction that converts rust to black iron oxide which stops further rusting and corrosion. Rust is a natural occurrence that involves the oxidation of metal and the return to its original state iron oxide.

Gellner Industrial’s, Cationic Acrylic Emulsion Polymer, Ottopol K-12 is a binder that carries the chemical that actually converts the rust to black iron oxide. The starting formula converts the rust within minutes of the coating application and forms a black iron oxide barrier which can further be top-coated with water or solvent-based paints. It does not contain tannic acid, oxime chelates, Gallic acid, phosphates or phosphoric acid. It seems that the chemical is more stable with our chemistry than other manufacturers. This quality is important because if a can of primer sits for too long without use the primer may lose its rust converting properties.

Before applying the rust converting primer first remove rust particles with a wire brush or sandpaper and clean the surface to rid it of dirt, dust, grease etc. The primer can be applied after the cleaned surface dries. The rust converting primer is best applied to the rusty surface by brushing it on. For larger surfaces, however, it is best to pour on primer then spread it with a mop, paint roller, or squeegee. By applying a second coat it will further ensure the change from rust to black iron oxide.

When the surface is done converting from rust to black iron oxide a top coat of the desired paint color can be applied. The application equipment used can be cleaned off with soap and hot water. When applying the primer to a rusty surface as well as the desired paint color be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

A rust converting primer with Ottopol K-12 can be used in various industries such as marine, automotive, household, and industrial. DIY (do it yourself) projects are a part of the household industry.  For example, if one has rusty metal stairs, metal door, metal railings, etc. one will be able to restore with a rust converting primer.

Marine Automotive Household Industrial
Shipping Containers Automotive Restoration Garden Tools Storage and Fuel Tanks
Ships Vehicle Frames Lawnmowers Structural Steel
Decks & Deck Railings Recreational Equipment Wrought iron furniture & railings Manufacturing equipment
Boat Trailers Utility Trailers Fences Farm equipment
Ferries Ramps Decorative Screens Implements
Oar Locks Floor Boards Pet Housing Fencing and gates
Bridges Quarter Panels Mailboxes Pipes

Using a water-based primer containing Ottopol K-12 is more beneficial than an oil-based primer because it is more environmentally friendly. The odor from the water based rust converting primer is not harmful, but it is still best to use it in a well ventilated area. For similar reasons it is ideal to use a water-based low to zero VOC paint.