Have you ever finished a wood project and been disappointed when the finish has been marred by mysteriously appearing dark spots? These spots are caused by naturally occurring tannin, an astringent, plant polyphenolic compound that is a binder for proteins in trees. It is a common problem when working with many wood species and can make finishing the wood difficult. Solvent systems that have been used in the past are generally not sustainable today.

Water-based, environmentally sustainable products are the best choice and a water-based emulsion that prevents oils from rising to the surface is the ideal product to meet modern standards for product safety. With Wonderwet KE, wood finishes will remain blemish free. It is a cationic acrylic emulsion polymer that has tannin stain blocking capabilities. It works by forming a resistant barrier to water soluble tannins and prevents staining to the topcoat. When used in coatings, new binder technology also provides excellent resistance for all types of stains.

Wonderwet KE is the ideal product to completely block tannin and prevent tannin stains from migrating to the surface and ruining the finish of wood products. It can be used as a primer and is the best prevention against staining and dark spots. Learn more about Wonderwet KE by contacting us today.