It’s January, and it’s the time of year when everyone seems to be looking forward to all of the possibilities a new year can bring. Predictions abound in just about every industry, and they seem to cover a lot of different types of topics. At Gellner Industrial, we believe predictions signal hope for the future, and for the innovations and trends the future will bring. So we thought we’d add our predictions for 2016 to the mix… Here’s what we think will happen in the paints and coatings manufacturing industry, and in related industries, in 2016:

Prediction 1:

More environmental regulations and greater restrictions will call for lower VOCs in paints and coatings.

As more businesses and industries are affected by increased concern for the environment and issues related to climate change, we believe stricter regulations pertaining to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) will be among the “new wave of regulations” investors and industry analysts anticipate will arrive in 2016. If you’re not familiar with VOCs and the paints and coatings industry, VOCs are emitted into the air as a gas as the paint or coating dries on architectural surfaces and they eat away at the Earth’s ozone layer. Reducing the amount of VOCs emitted into the atmosphere impacts the environment and reduces a company’s carbon footprint. At Gellner, we offer low-VOC or no-VOC water-based acrylic polymers to manufacturers of paint and coatings. In the coming year, as in the past, we’ll continue to overcome any challenges involved with manufacturing water-based acrylic polymers and resins that need to conform to environmental regulations. We’re ready to comply with any regulations that come our way, and, as always, we intend to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with our low-VOC and no-VOC products.

Our next two predictions are closely tied together…

Prediction 2:

There will be an increase in the need for water-based technologies in industry.

Prediction 3:

Our society, as a whole, will become concerned about environmental issues and climate change, and more educated about toxins and potential health risks.

As more people learn about the chemicals used in industrial coatings and in industry, in general, concerns about toxins and related health risks will drive the need for water-based technologies. Until recently, many people hadn’t heard about VOCs or didn’t realize industrial coatings often evaporate VOCs into our atmosphere. As our society becomes more environmentally conscious and educated about issues related to toxins in the atmosphere and our health, industrial coatings will need to become less toxic. An article in Hybrid Coating Technologies reports, “It’s important to choose a non-toxic hybrid coating in order to prevent any health issues that may arise as well the safety and protection of the environment. Traditional toxic coating or paint contains many harmful chemicals, which can trigger respiratory distress in individuals with medical conditions such as asthma. Toxic paint also has stronger fumes, which are usually dangerous if inhaled overtime for prolonged amounts of time.” Water-based technologies can eliminate or reduce the need for toxic chemicals. We’re ready at Gellner Industrial because we’re already using water-based technologies to manufacture water-based acrylic polymers for paint and coating manufacturers and for our customers in other industries. Our research and development labs are constantly developing new polymer formulas to stand above our competitors in the industrial coatings market, and in all industries.

Whatever 2016 brings, we’re ready at Gellner Industrial, and we wish you the best!