Polymers for Gravure Inks need to be of top-quality. Gravure printing is a method that produces a sharp, fine image. Because of its ability to produce high-quality images, gravure is the preferred printing method when producing a wide range of products such as magazines, catalogs, packaging, gift wrap, wallpaper, and vinyl flooring. 

The gravure process is a traditional form of printing that uses an engraved cylinder which holds ink in the depressions of the engraving and then transfers the image to the final medium.Because gravure printing requires the ink to print from a fine line screen, the type of polymers used in this process is important.

At Gellner, we produce polymers that are ideal for gravure printing. Our acrylic polymers enables us to produce inks that will not dry in the screen even if the press is not running because of expected or unexpected downtime. The ability of the ink to remain usable when the press is stopped reduces the costs and does not sacrifice the quality of the products.

Our top performing acrylic polymers enhance gravure ink products to ensure superior adhesion, outstanding color richness, and sharpness on a variety of substrates. Although gravure printing is not used as widely as it once was, the process is still an important printing form that requires the best polymers within the inks to produce the quality necessary in high-end applications.

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