If you are looking through the polymer coatings to find the right substance that brings you the best results for furniture, then the OTTOPOL SF-45 is what you need. Say goodbye to worrying over beer, wine, milk, detergent, and even black tea spills. Once it is dried at room temperature, you and your family can kick back and enjoy each other’s company. You won’t have to be constantly worried over if your kids will knock over the soda cans.



The OTTOPOL SF-45 is one of the best polymer coatings for furniture use that we offer. Its solvent resistance is good for alcohol, and other common liquids. These special abilities are also capable of developing at room temperature over the course of 2 weeks. If you are sick of your furniture’s resistance being weak to these items, it is time to get yourself the OTTOPOL SF-45.


Technical Specifications

The OTTOPOL SF-45 has a viscosity level of 100 cps Max, specific gravity of 1.06165, a flash point equal to water, and a Translucent Emulsion appearance. Its MFFT is 40 Degrees Celsius, and its glass transition temperature is 39 Degrees Celsius. To put its resistance to the test, here are a few statistics to put everything into perspective. After the OTTOPOL SF-45 is air dried for 2 weeks, it can withstand beer for 6 hrs, black tea for 16 hrs, Cola for 16 hrs, wine for 6 hrs, disinfectant for 10 min, condensed milk for 16 hrs, butter for 16hrs, and also detergent solution for 16 hrs.

Data Sheet: https://www.gellnerindustrial.com/resources/DATASHEETS/anionic/TDS-Ottopol-SF-45.pdf



Some of its safety specifications are as follows. It is non-hazardous, 54.5% water, and 45.0% polymer. The water has a CAS Number 7732-18-5. The Acrylic Copolymer has a CAS Number Proprietary. The Aqua Ammonia has a CAS Number 1336-21-6. The Residual Monomers have a CAS Number Proprietary. If the OTTOPOL SF-45 is accidentally exposed to the eyes or skin, rinse it out with cold water. If it is inhaled and you feel dizzy or nauseated, then go to breathe in fresh air.

Data Sheet: https://www.gellnerindustrial.com/resources/SDS/anionic/SDS-OTTOPOL-SF-45.pdf


For more information on the OTTOPOL SF-45’s abilities, alternative uses, and other polymer coatings available, be sure to contact Gellner Industrial today.