If there’s one thing we know here at Gellner Industrial, it’s polymers. We create high-quality acrylic polymers for any of your industrial and personal needs, so obviously we care about how people feel about and use polymers. Polymers, especially acrylic polymers are usually not the topics of everyday discussion, yet they do appear in our everyday lives. If you are interested in how polymers manifest into everyday products that we make great use of, read this informative blog on the profound impact polymers have on our regular lives.

Polymers are materials that are used in almost every material we encounter on a day to day basis. They have particular importance in today’s increasingly industrial world. They are often found in the fields of science, technology and industry.

People have been using polymers for thousands of years, but they just didn’t recognize it. It wasn’t until World War II- a birthplace of much industrialization and scientific advancement- that people started to realize just how important polymers really were. The word polymer solely means macromolecule, or many parts. So polymers reflect the smaller parts of the materials we are so familiar with. In World War II these small parts were reflected by steel, glass, wood, stone, brick, and concrete, which were all used for construction purposes. Additionally, other polymer-related materials were cotton, wood, jute and other textile products which were used for clothing and other textiles. You can see just how important these smaller parts of a bigger product were.

So after we started to realize the importance of polymers, or macromolecules rather, during World War II, we just couldn’t stop! With rapid industrialization that followed the war and then the wartime demand for products for the Korean and Vietnam wars, manufacturing become a way of life and people were willing to find any way to make products cheaper, better and more effectively. Polymers become the raw materials for products we now use every day, including: synthetic clothing, fiberglass, plastic bags, nylon bearing, polyethylene cups, epoxy glue, silicone heart valves, Teflon-coated cookware and our personal favorite, polymer based paints. These materials might not sound like you interact with them every day because of the pseudo-scientific names, but think about it. You wear clothes made from synthetic fiber, you drink out of plastic cups, you use plastic bags to carry your lunch and your trash alike, you use tupperware to keep food in, you use a bunch of plastic products every day, but you probably just never thought about the complex and interesting origins. Additionally, if you are on the Gellner Industrial site, you probably use polymer-based paints, or use/create some kind of acrylic polymer-based product.

Many may believe that the products we make are solely industrial and don’t have any appearances in your real life, but think again. Polymer products are a huge part of our everyday lives in this modern age, so make sure you are choosing the best for your (acrylic) polymer needs. Make sure you are choosing Gellner Industrial.