Ottopol KX-99 in Water Based Paints and Coatings for Concrete

water based paints and coatings for concreteOttopol KX-99 is a Hydroxyl Functional Cationic Acrylic Solution Polymer that Gellner Industrial produces for manufacturers of water based paints and coatings for concrete. This polymer provides an excellent barrier to solvents, humidity, salt, acids, oils, impact, abrasion and wear that affect concrete. Our hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers produce coatings that can be used in such places as processing facilities, production facilities, restrooms, kitchens, machine ships, aircraft hangars, clean rooms, warehouses, auto repair shops, auto dealers, etc.

Ottopol KX-99 will crosslink at room temperature with polyisocyanates and epoxy silanes. The fastest and most resistant coating can be formulated with the combination of a polyisocyanate and an epoxy silane. Detergents and cleaners will not remove this film, the water resistance is excellent, and the dried film will also resist staining.

Water based paints and coatings for concrete come in various types:

Water based paints and coatings for concrete are environmentally friendly because of their low-to-zero VOCs content. This advantage allows for easy compliance with industry air quality regulations. Additional advantages include easier application to concrete, easier clean up with just soap and water, abrasion and fading resistance, colorization, and protection against harmful elements.

A few things that the end user can take into account when choosing the correct type of water based paints and coatings for interior concrete includes application, and resistance to hot tire marks, gas, oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, the chemicals the end user will use to clean the floor, etc.

When choosing the ideal water based paints and coatings on exterior concrete the end user needs to take into account how harmful elements will affect the concrete. The correct application will protect the concrete from the affects of heavy traffic, weather, and UV rays.

water based paints and coatings

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