Gellner Industrial is always developing new product, OTTOPOL SF 45 ,to satisfy any of our customer’s needs. Our latest sealant is an example of just that.

Perfect for the furniture and home sector, OTTOPOL SF 45 is our latest polymer.

OTTOPOL SF 45’s uOttopol SF 45 stain resistant spray for furniturenique advantage is how it’s cured film results after it’s applied and dried at room temperature. It crosslinks at room temperature to produce stain resistant properties, so the polymer is perfectly suitable for furniture coatings. It’s safe to use on wood or wooden furniture and is non-hazardous.
It’s stain resistance properties can handle alcohol including red wine and beer and 48% ethanol as well as juices and common household liquids.

Given the high density of cross-linking and stain resistance properties, the polymer will have additional applications beyond furniture. Any necessary surface needing prevention from stains may benefit from OTTOPOL SF 45. To request a sample, please visit our website. For more information check out our technical and safety data sheets.

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