Ottopol KX-99 is a polymer for water base paint and coatings for concrete you need to know about. Exterior concrete can be a difficult material to coat because it’s easily damages by many harmful elements including UV rays, heavy traffic, and harsh weather conditions. The correct application will protect the concrete from these damaging and costly occurrences and that application is the Ottopol KX-99.

The ottopol KX-99 is a hydroxyl functional cationic acrylic solution polymer. Crosslinking can occur at room temperature with 20% polyisocyanates and 20% epoxy silanes.

The film will become water resistance in less than an hour. After two hours, the film will have over 100 double rubs acetone resistance. The dried film will also resist staining.

Some applications these are best used on are parking lots, surrounding pool areas, and garage paint. Using Ottopol KX-99 is environmentally friendly because of it’s low-to-zero VOCs content. This advantage allows for easy compliance with industry air quality regulations. Additional advantages include easier application to concrete, easier clean up with just soap and water, abrasion and fading resistance, colorization, and protection against harmful elements.

For a stain resistant, easily applied, and an environmentally friendly product, look no further than the KX-99. If you have any questions, please visit our website or contact us.