An Excellent Stain-Blocking Acrylic Emulsion Polymer

Ottopol KO is the new best low VOC, acrylic emulsion polymer in the Ottopol series from our company for paints and primers. Ottopol KO has multiple excellent stain-blocking properties and can adhere to a variety of different surfaces.

This polymer is one of the more unique and useful additions to paint and primers because unlike most stain blockers out there, Ottopol KO is cationic. As a cationic polymer, it has a positive charge that allows it to bind to anionic surfaces–which make up most surfaces in the world. This means that Ottopol KO has the ability to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces while also blocking any stains on those surfaces that average stain blockers can’t adhere reliably to.


Ottopol KO can also easily block a number of stains that other polymers can’t, such as stains from water-based products and fungal growth. 

Tannin oils from woods such as redwood, red cedar, and more that can bleed through normal paints are completely and easily blocked with Ottopol KO. On drywall, this polymer can also block stains from lipstick, felt-tip markers and vaseline, and even water-based products like washable markers. 

Damp and humid environments are also no match for this polymer. Damp or water-damaged basements are a common problem, particularly here in the United States. Primers made from Ottopol KO can be applied directly to wet basement walls. The polymer seals in the concrete and keeps it dry, preventing water damage from bleeding through. 

Ottopol KO also blocks fungal growth, like mildew, even in very humid environments. Its cationic nature not only gives this polymer the ability to adhere to wet surfaces, but also to form a natural barrier against mildew. 

All of these properties are because of the polymer itself, without the need for any additional stain-blocking additives. Ottopol KO is naturally adhesive to most surfaces, and naturally stain-blocking to a wide range of different types of damage. You don’t need to worry about having any other additives in the mix–our newest polymer can do the job on its own.

Cationic Styrene/Acrylic Emulsion

Solids   42.0 -44.0% Weight/Gallon   8.83
Appearance   Translucent Emulsion  Freeze Thaw Stability  5 Cycles
pH  4.5 – 5.5 Glass Transition Temperature  0 Degrees C
Specific Gravity  1.059 USDA Status  None
Viscosity  200-800 cps