Here at Gellner we are continually developing unique products to solve specific problems. Rust is one such problem that, even when treated, can still cause additional corrosion. Rust is naturally occurring and metals must be treated to prevent it from causing serious problems. With OTTOPOL K-12 we have developed a solution to stop rust and inhibit further damage.

Ottopol K-12 is a revolutionary Cationic Acrylic Emulsion for formulating a rust converting primer. The starting formula consists of Ottopol K-12 and Halox RC-98 which will convert rust to a black iron oxide barrier within minutes of application. It is non-hazardous and doesn’t contain tannic acid, Gallic acid, oxime chelates, phosphates or phosphoric acid.

To see the best effects of a rust converting primer, all loose rust particles should be brushed or sanded. The surface should be cleaned to remove dirt, dust, or grease and allowed to dry. The rust converting primer should be brushed or mopped on, depending on the size of the surface. A second coat helps ensure that all the rust is converted to black iron oxide. Once the surface is done converting from rust to black iron oxide, the piece can be finished with a top coat of water- or solvent-based paint.

Rust converting primers formulated with Ottopol K-12 are ideal for a wide range of applications in the automotive, marine, industrial, and household industries.