Hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers are a vital component of chemical-resistant coatings and industrial coatings. When used in chemical coatings, these unique polymers result in a plastic film that has better resistance properties than any other competitive polymer.

Polymers for High Performance Chemical Coatings

Gellner Industrial manufacturers two hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers that crosslink with melamine resins or epoxy resins to create high-quality chemical coatings. These polymers are anionic and cationic acrylic emulsions with a hydroxyl group added onto the polymer chain.

Questions about our polymers and their applications in chemical coatings?

Chemical-Resistant Coatings

When cross-linked with a melamine resin, our hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers create a durable, high-performance barrier suitable for chemical-resistant coatings. This formulation is cured at significantly elevated temperatures. The result is a chemical-resistant coating that provides good aging stability and enduring resistance to a variety of solvents. Industrial and chemical-resistant coatings can also be formulated using an epoxy resin. This generally involves a two-part system and will cure at room temperature. Other attributes of chemical coatings created with our hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers include excellent light reflectivity, hardness, better storage stability, corrosion resistance and improved alkali resistance.

Industrial Coatings

An industrial coating is a coating defined by its protective qualities. Gellner Industrial’s hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers can be used to create a wide variety of industrial coatings for different industries. When cross-linked with melamine or epoxy resins, they provide an excellent barrier to solvents, humidity, salt, acids, oils, impact, abrasion and wear. Our hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers produce industrial coatings that can be used in processing facilities, production facilities, restrooms, kitchens, machine ships, aircraft hangars, clean rooms, freezers, warehouses, auto repair shops and auto dealers.

Looking for Better Resistance?

The following products gives the user a variety of choices for formulating a coating on non porous surfaces that yield excellent resistance: