Gellner Industrial is a world-wide leader in the development and production of water-based acrylic polymers, synthetic resins, hydroxyl functional acrylic polymers, and WonderWet, which is a VOC free 100% acrylic solution polymer additive for paints that enables the elimination of ethylene and propene glycol from existing paint formulations. WonderWet allows paint chemists to formulate low or zero-VOC paints without sacrificing open time or performance. Here are some of our new widely-tested and successful products.

OTTOPOL SF-45: Furniture Coatings

This formulation is a unique polymer that has the ability to cross link at room temperature and is most suitable for its use on furniture. The cured film results in solvent resistance from substances such as alcohol (beer, red wine, and 48% ethanol). OTTOPOL SF-45 also offers stain resistance from many household items such as common liquids, many cleaning products, and juices. There are many speculated additional applications beyond furniture for OTTOPOL SF-45, given its high density of cross linking and resistance properties.

OTTOPOL K-12T: Rust Converting Primer and Wood Primer

This formula does not contain oxime chelates, gallic acid, phosphates, tannic acid, or phosphoric acid. K-12T converts the rust within minutes of the coating application to form a black iron oxide barrier, which can further be top-coated with solvent-based paints or water. As a wood primer, K-12T forms a resistant barrier to water-soluble tannins and prevents topcoats from staining and retarded drying. This polymer backbone, discovered by our research chemists, provides resistance to tannins and nicotine stains. This formula outperforms all other attempts of solving the bleeding of stains by forming an impenetrable barrier.



This formula is a hydroxyl functional cationic acrylic solution polymer that has over 100 double rubs acetone resistance after two hours of curing. Detergents and cleaners will not remove this film and the water resistance is excellent. OTTOPOL KX-99 is used for concrete applications and resists substances such as gasoline, motor oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and alkaline cleaners commonly used for hot tire mark and concrete.


This formula is a self-cross-linking acrylic emulsion and dry resin. It is resistant to alkali with the use of an internal cross-linking mechanism. It provides excellent resolubility properties for flexo and gravure printing applications because the flow and leveling characteristics will provide a high-gloss finish. The resin also provides non-curling properties. Due to internally cross-linked mechanism bock resistance and scuff is improved over conventional vehicles.


This is an ionic hydroxyl functional acrylic emulsion and allows the polymer to cross-link with melamine or aziridine. The cured coating has excellent resistance to many solvents and liquids and the stain resistance is also excellent. Food and foods containing dyes can completely dry on the coated surface without staining; the removal of the substance usually only requires peeling or scratching without the use of cleaners or scrubbing.

Water Based Industrial Polymers

Our water based acrylic polymers have a wide range of applications that are used by hundreds of industries nationally and internationally. From vinyl applications to printing inks, our high-performance coatings offer stain and corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion properties, resistance to acids and alkalis, low moisture transmission rate, and superior adhesion to vinyl.