Gellner Industrial and The Industrial Coatings Market


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In the Industrial Coatings Market, Gellner Industrial is a supplier of unique polymers that provide the backbone of the coatings formulation. A segment of our resins offered by our company are sold to the clear coat and pigmented markets. The resin portion of any coating formula provides the final properties and performance characteristics of the formulated coating.

Different factors must be considered when recommending a resin system for a coating. One factor is the environment. The outdoors with varying temperatures, climate, and precipitation must be considered. Depending on what part of the world companies operate in the coating they use must be able to deal with various conditions such as dry hot climates or moist humid climates. Other factors include UV Rays and surfaces that must be taken into consideration. For example, if you are coating metal, then the salt fog testing would apply. Adhesion to different substrates is extremely important. All of these factors apply to a resin system when trying to formulate a successful coating.

Gellner Industrial has always concentrated on creating water borne systems that are environmentally friendly and satisfy customer’s specifications. There are many emerging markets around the world that are in different stages of maturity. So understanding these markets is a key to creating a competitive advantage for our company and our customers. Foreign countries or emerging markets such as India look to the United States for technological advances.


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Gellner Industrial has research and development labs that are constantly developing new polymer formulas to stand above our competitors in the industrial coatings market. Through rigorous testing we have manufactured polymers and resins that not just compete with the competition, but outperform those company’s products. Having products that perform as well as they do for our customers at a reasonable cost really helps our customers stay competitive in the industrial coatings market.

Heavy-metal containing coatings and traditional coatings which are a part of the industrial coatings market are still present, but water based coatings is becoming a bigger part of the market. With more emphasis on being more environmentally friendly companies are moving toward manufacturing water based products. Water based technology creates a work environment that is safer for people working with water based coatings compared to solvent systems. Water based technology gives the advantage of workers not breathing in any noxious fumes that cause harm to the worker.

Two specific examples of polymers and/or resins that we sell to our customer’s that are used to manufacture products used in the industrial coatings market include the following:

  • Ottopol KX-99 is used for concrete coatings and industrial paints
  • Ottopol SX-75 is used as an adhesion promoter for tile cement.

Gellner industrial’s polymers are used to formulate pigment concentrates that are used in asphalt and mulch, varieties of printing inks, and additives in paints.

There are Industrial and DIY (Do It Yourself) markets. The industrial are any structural surfaces in one’s own environment that can be seen or touched. The DIY are things like household paints and stain resistance products that can be found in your local hardware store or the big box stores.

We are driven by the industrial coatings market to be an innovator by working with our customers to provide solutions to their needs. As we receive requests for specific types of polymers and/or resins our research team can match the performance that our current or our future potential customer is seeking.