They say what you focus on expands. During the past quarter of a century – and especially in the last year or so – we’ve been living proof of this concept here at Gellner Industrial. While times change and businesses and industries evolve, at Gellner, we’ve always been focused on providing the highest quality water-based acrylic polymers – specialty resins for water-based coatings and inks – to our customers, manufacturers from all types of industries. As a result, we’ve seen our business, as well our as our customers’ businesses grow and expand. In manufacturing industries, “growth” is an aspiration and trend right now, and a lot of manufacturing companies expect to expand and grow in the coming years.

A recent IndustryWeek article says a KPMG survey of leaders of global manufacturing organizations “divulged a strong commitment to aggressive growth in the next two years.” We’re not surprised by this commitment. In fact, we’re committed to growing our business here at Gellner, and we’ve always been committed to fostering our customers’ business growth. Gellner Industrial is known for the personalized service we provide to each of our customers. We work with each customer individually, focusing on satisfying their company’s specific needs and industry requirements. We also identify any changes or challenges that need to be resolved, and we’ll team up with our customers to help resolve them, if necessary. This customer-centric focus has worked very well for everyone involved – for our customers, and for us here at Gellner Industrial.

Last summer, we installed a new 4,000 gallon reactor. Now, we believe our 4,000 gallon reactor portrays the successful results of our customer-focused dedication and hard work throughout the past 36 years. The expansion also indirectly benefits our customers.

At Gellner, we’ve always been dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers, and the increased capacity and other results from the expansion project now allow us to do more of what we’ve been doing for all these years: Providing the highest quality water-based acrylic polymers to customers from many different industries. The increased capacity at our facilities now allows us to stock our full inventory line of specialty resins, and this has accelerated the turnaround and prompt delivery of our products to our customers, allowing us to be more responsive, more quickly. “Effectiveness, reliable delivery, responsiveness, innovative solutions to ongoing problems – these are all more important than price… It’s not enough to improve. We have to improve faster and in more relevant ways than the other guys,” according to the same IndustryWeek article quoted above. We couldn’t agree more! We also believe that focusing on what matters most – our customers – leads to business growth and expansion.