Industries must consider their impact on the environment in all aspects of their process. For 45 years the EPA has been successfully working toward creating a cleaner and healthier environment. In response, to new regulations and guidelines, industries have been choosing products that meet the requirements of their operation while also being safer for the environment. This has been a challenging issue for the printing industry but with modernized flexo printing inks, the industry has a real solution.

Flexo Printing Inks are environmentally safe while meeting the high-quality demands of the packaging and printing customer. By reformulating inks to replace volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with water or other eco-friendly solvents as a carrier for the ink, the products meet EPA as well as industry standards. These water-based inks have been created with new acrylic polymer technologies and formulations for high-speed printing for a wide range of applications.

flexo printing inkUsed primarily on corrugated cartons, paper sacks and bags, milk and beverage containers, labels, adhesive tapes, and many other packaged items, flexo printing ink is economical and reliable. Gellner provides the finest acrylic polymers that enable the ink’s superior adhesion to non-porous surfaces such as metals, glass, vinyl, and polypropylene. Specially formulated for flexo printing, our acrylic polymers offer notable alkali resistance as well as improving the press open time.

The printing and packaging industry has transitioned to more ecologically friendly flexo inks without sacrificing quality because of the innovative acrylic polymers produced by Gellner. Creating new, high-quality technologies for specialized manufacturing processes that outperform other products is the hallmark of our business.

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