In previous blog posts, we’ve gone over the nature of polymers and polymerization, as well as their wide range of applications. This time, we’re going to go over the role of emulsion polymers in the general Paint industry. 

Emulsion Polymers: A quick overview

Emulsion polymers are dispersions of polymers in water with a specific particle size that have low emissions and little to no VOC emissions. They fall into the category of colloidal systems, which are defined as the dispersion of one substance into another which are not soluble together. 

The role of polymers in Paints and Primers

These polymers play a huge role in the Paint industry, especially for paint primers. They act as a binder for primers, improving their adhesion to walls or other surfaces. Some polymers can form a protective film on the surface of the primer that protects and maintains the paint’s color.

Other benefits of emulsion polymers can include:

  • Low or no emissions 
  • Reduced VOCs
  • Protection against microbes and bacteria
  • Freeze-Thaw stability

The benefits that polymers offer the paint industry depends on the type of polymer and its attributes. Some have certain properties that others don’t, which is why it’s important to do your research when looking for polymers to improve your primers. 

Gellner Industrial’s Emulsion Polymers

Gellner Industrial has decades of experience in researching and developing emulsion polymers and resins for water-based coatings and inks. 

Some of our products are specialized for primers:

  • Ottopol K-12T is a resin for rust-converting primers. It forms a black iron oxide barrier that can be further top-coated with water or solvent-based paints. This polymer can also be used for wood primers. It forms a barrier that is resistant to tannin oils and nicotine stains
  • Ottopol 510 – 28 crosslinks with melamine and epoxy resins, and is a flexible solution with excellent salt fog resistance
  • Ottopol SF-45 is well-suited for coatings on furniture and similar applications. Its properties allow coatings to be resistant to stains from alcohol, juices, and many other common household liquids. 
  • Ottopol KO, our newest emulsion polymer, has multiple stain-blocking properties, increased adhesion, and can even block fungal growth in humid environments. Its attributes allow primers to adhere to even damp or water-damaged surfaces, while keeping the damage from bleeding through. Plus, it does all of this without the need for any additives.

These are just a few of the resins that we’ve developed. For more information on our company and our products, you can visit our website.