Concrete sealers are a process that is often not completed but is very important for protecting concrete from staining, wear, and damage. There are many options currently available on the market today although not all of them offer the same level of protections. Manufacturers of concrete sealing products are developing a better option when using a Cationic water based emulsion from Gellner Industrial.

How can an emulsion improve the performance of a coating or sealant? It works in this way–a Cationic solution has a positive charge meaning when you apply a coating made with this type of polymer it adheres better to an Anionic substrate which has a negative charge Formulated concrete sealing products made using a Gellner water based cationic solution polymer feature quick ambient curing with excellent water resistance.. The dried film resists staining from common vehicle fluids such as gasoline, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and motor oil and has over 100 double rubs acetone resistance.

Cationic solution polymers are extremely beneficial to industrial coatings. They do not dissolve easily in alkaline solutions or detergents. When used on concrete, coatings made with these polymers offer alkali, scrub, block, and scuff resistance. They also offer improved flow, leveling, and open time.

Concrete is a major investment that can be easily ruined by spills or leaks from vehicles. Garages, driveways, and parking lots can be protected from these fluids with a coating formulated with a Cationic solution polymer from Gellner Industrial.