It’s difficult to imagine a world without concrete. Our roads, sidewalks, and buildings would be weak and messy. They would be dangerous and virtually unlivable. Additionally, a world without concrete means a world without highways, airports, and even without the Panama Canal and the Hoover Dam.

The nature of concrete—the way in which a variety of materials in specific proportions mix to form a complex chemical reaction—makes is hard and strong. In essence, perfect for infrastructure needs.  But despite this nature, it’s actually quite vulnerable. Wearing and abrasion, along with chemicals penetrating its porous surface, corroding rebar, and other environmental factors can lead to serious deterioration of concrete. When concrete becomes deteriorated it requires extensive, costly repairs.

The best and most important method of protection, therefore, is coating the concrete. By coating concrete, you impart a number of protective advantages. These include:

• Corrosion Inhibition: A polymer coating applied over concrete interferes with the corrosion process, inhibiting the chemical actions that break it down.
• Barrier Protection: Chemicals, moisture, oxygen, and other materials that harm concrete are off the surface and unable to penetrate and destroy it.
• Environmental Shielding: Anything, from rain and snow to chemicals and blunt force that exists in and around the concrete’s environment are blocked by the shielding of the coating.
• Ease of Maintenance: Protected concrete is much easier to clean and maintain.
• Overall Appearance: Concrete coatings add a superior, aesthetically pleasing finish to the surface, providing excellent light reflection and a smooth, finished look.

A quality, high-performance water-based acrylic coating is an environmentally-friendly way to add guaranteed protection and resistance. Any type of exposure, including chemicals, weather, alkaline cleaners, and equipment or vehicle traffic, no longer means the end to the concrete’s lifespan. With proper coating, the concrete floor, road, or structure can do what it was designed to do, and stay uncompromised.