Your Complete Guide to Vinyl Applications

  If you look at Gellner Industrial’s website, you’ll see all of the many uses for our world famous acrylic polymers. Among them are extensive vinyl applications. You see, Gellner Industrial’s acrylic polymers create a perfect coating for almost any vinyl product. Our acrylic polymers create an unheard of adhesion to vinyl with their high [...]

What makes our polymers for screen printing inks so special?

There are many products in our daily lives that each requires a specific chemical make-up in order to function properly. Take printing inks for example. Here at Gellner Industrial, we are proud to offer versatile polymers for screen printing inks with unique capabilities. And each ability is a direct result of their chemical make-up. Here are [...]

Polymer Product Presentation: OTTOPOL SF-45 for Furniture coating

If you are looking through the polymer coatings to find the right substance that brings you the best results for furniture, then the OTTOPOL SF-45 is what you need. Say goodbye to worrying over beer, wine, milk, detergent, and even black tea spills. Once it is dried at room temperature, you and your family can [...]

Polymer Product Presentation: Adhesive Power of our Solution Polymers

Our line of Cationic Acrylic Polymers offer a many benefits for coating. One of these wonderful benefits is their level of adhesion. Surface adhesion is a special focus of some of our cationic acrylic polymers. These 8 polymer options are split equally into two categories. These categories are solution polymers and emulsion polymers. As a [...]