High performance resins and chemicals developed with water-based acrylic industrial polymers offer many improvements over solvent based products. Water-based acrylic industrial polymers are environmentally friendly and easy to work with. Used to produce premium-quality acrylic resins and chemicals, our polymers are widely used in many industrial applications including industrial coatings, printing inks, and high-gloss varnishes.

Gellner’s vast assortment of water-based acrylic polymers provides adhesion and hardness characteristics that allow for bonding to a many different substrates. When these polymers are used in the development of acrylic resins they are extremely resistant to damages like chemicals, exposure to water,  and alkaline cleaners. Replacing harsh chemical solvents in acrylic coatings with an acrylic resin from Gellner results in applications that meet environmental sustainability goals.

The benefits of using water-based acrylic industrial polymers in your formulations include:

  • Improved adhesion to non-porous surfaces
  • Excellent finish, gloss, and clarity
  • Superior hardness
  • Outstanding durability and weatherability
  • Alkali-resistance Anti-corrosion properties
  • Longer storage stability
  • Improved flow and solubility

For improved performance and environmental safety, water-based acrylic polymers are the smartest choice for superb product outcomes. In real-life applications, results show that our acrylic resins and chemicals provide for better adhesion than other products on the markets. Our vast product knowledge, specialized manufacturing processes, and commitment to meeting and fulfilling all of our customer’s acrylic coating needs ensures improved performance in all industrial coating and printing applications.

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