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Polymer Chemistry: The Backbone Behind Gellner Industrial

Though our polymers appear in everyday applications, such as vinyl or in your favorite paints, the chemistry behind their creation is not so commonplace. Polymer chemistry is a part of chemistry that deals specifically with the chemical structures and characteristics behind polymers, especially in cases of synthetic polymers often called plastics or elastomers. Polymer chemistry [...]

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What Is A Polymer?

If you are interested in Gellner Industrial, you probably have a basic understanding of what a polymer is. However, if you don’t, we thought we’d give a little rundown on our biggest product- polymers. Though we specialize in acrylic polymers, the science behind our products is consistent with other types of more basic polymers. So [...]

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The Many Applications Of Polymers

Polymers may sound like a very industry specific thing, and to some degree they are, but they are actually a pretty big part of a lot of industries you may indeed recognize. Polymer testing and consultancy for plastic has applications in such industries as aerospace, automotive, electronics, packaging and medical devices. Polymers are incredibly diverse [...]

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How Gellner Industrial Can Save Your Company Money

  Most people who are seeking acrylic polymers are using it to create some final end product like acrylic paints or products with vinyl surfaces like a record or a houseware item. Subsequently, you will probably be interested to know how Gellner Industrial can help your company, especially in the financial sense. But in order [...]

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Gellner Industrial: Our Polymer Dictionary

If you have been on Gellner Industrial’s site, you have probably noticed that a lot of words on there are well, not at a third grade reading level. No, to be familiar with Gellner Industrial as a company. You have to be familiar with the science behind it. You have probably seen words like acrylic [...]

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Part Two: The Role of Polymers in the Future

In our previous blog post, we discussed how polymers are currently being implemented in daily life. We realized they have immense implications, serving a part in some of our favorite materials, including; tupperware, clothing made from synthetic fibers, polymer based paints (which you know we especially love here at Gellner Industrial, the industry standard for [...]

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Part One: Polymers in Our Daily Life

If there’s one thing we know here at Gellner Industrial, it’s polymers. We create high-quality acrylic polymers for any of your industrial and personal needs, so obviously we care about how people feel about and use polymers. Polymers, especially acrylic polymers are usually not the topics of everyday discussion, yet they do appear in our [...]

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Happy Holidays From Gellner Industrial

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder and depending on where in the country you live, you may be experiencing some snow. But even if you’re warm by the beach, you are probably getting in the holiday mood after the passing of Thanksgiving. And surely, if you’re doing any shopping, you’ll [...]

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Your Complete Guide to Vinyl Applications

  If you look at Gellner Industrial’s website, you’ll see all of the many uses for our world famous acrylic polymers. Among them are extensive vinyl applications. You see, Gellner Industrial’s acrylic polymers create a perfect coating for almost any vinyl product. Our acrylic polymers create an unheard of adhesion to vinyl with their high [...]

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A Guide to Purchasing Acrylic Paints

If you are looking at Gellner Industrial, there is a high likelihood that you are interested in paints. Acrylic paints are one of many quality polymer products that Gellner Industrial creates. If you are looking for acrylic paints, you have found the right place in Gellner Industrial. But first, its important to know what exactly [...]

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