Top-Quality Polymers for Gravure Inks from Gellner Industrial LLC

Polymers for Gravure Inks need to be of top-quality. Gravure printing is a method that produces a sharp, fine image. Because of its ability to produce high-quality images, gravure is the preferred printing method when producing a wide range of products such as magazines, catalogs, packaging, gift wrap, wallpaper, and vinyl flooring.  The gravure process [...]

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Gellner Industrial: A History of Innovation with a Focus on the Future

Clients throughout the globe have come to find that Gellner Industrial is truly a world leader in the manufacturing of water-based acrylic polymers, delivering products that are unique, innovative, and unmatched. It is these qualities that set our products apart. However, it’s more than just that—our products are indeed unique, but so is our company. [...]

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