Product Offered by Gellner Industrial for Rust Converting Primer

The starting formula converts the rust within minutes of the coating application and forms a black iron oxide barrier which can further be top-coated with water or solvent-based paints. It does not contain tannic acid, oxime chelates, gallic acid, phosphates or phosphoric acid.

K-12  – Technical Data Sheet
K-12 –  Safety Data Sheet

OTTOPOL K-12 Used as a Wood Primer

Used as a wood primer Ottopol K-12 forms a resistant barrier to water soluble tannins and prevents topcoats from staining and retarded drying. Our research chemists have discovered a polymer backbone that is resistant to tannin and nicotine stains. It forms an impenetrable barrier that out performs all other attempts of solving the bleeding of stains.  A compliant, 21 grams/liter VOC primer can be formulated with Ottopol K-12.

K-12  – Technical Data Sheet
K-12 –  Safety Data Sheet

Cationic Acrylic Emulsion

Solids   42.0 -44.0%Weight/Gallon   8.95
Appearance   Translucent Emulsion Freeze Thaw Stability  Keep From Freezing
pH  5.0 – 6.0Glass Transition Temperature  0 Degrees C
Specific Gravity  1.0731USDA Status  Yes
Viscosity  200-800 cps